9 Role-Play Ideas to Spice up Your Sex Life

Did you have a crush on your hot science professor in your college, your former hot boss or the bold waitress at the Thai restaurant you used to visit in your university days? Or, do you get instantly aroused by the idea of having passionate sex with someone you have just met – a complete stranger?

Then the best thing you can do is try role playing! And for this, all you need is to choose the character that you want to see you and your partner in, get into it by wearing costumes matching the characters, and act out your craziest wild fantasies.

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So, are you ready for some role-playing ideas to include in your sex life?

Read on.

1: Boss and Employee

Let’s start with the classic one: a hot boss that you can’t take your eyes off and a sexy secretary who’s sex appeal you can’t ignore! Which side are you playing?

Well, no matter which side you choose to play, you get a chance to be your sexiest self, cross boundaries and get frisky in an office setting.

Do all the kinky things with your partner that you have always fantasised about doing with your boss.

Boss and Employee

2: Strangers

You can be in a bar, a pub or even a grocery store. In short, you can be just anywhere, as the location doesn’t matter. Only what matters is that you two looked at each other and locked your eyes.

You can feel the sexual tension rising between the two even from a distance. And then the next thing you notice you and the stranger doing is slipping off into the bathroom, together. Or, it can be your car or a hotel room where you can trade sexual favours with someone who is completely unknown to you –even whose name you don’t know.


3: Master and Slave

Do you want to explore BDSM? Have you always wanted a partner who obeys your each and every command in the bedroom? Have you wished you could punish them if they disobeyed your command?

Then playing master and slave is all you need to do! You can ask them to seduce you and make you cum and if they fail, you can punish them.

But before you start this role-play, make sure to discuss the safewords and boundaries with your partner. After all, you don’t want to hurt each other, right?

4: Blackmailer

Imagine this: You are in your home or at our office, and you get a phone call or a text message from a blackmailer that they have photos and videos of you getting intimate with someone. If those get leaked, your reputation, your career and your personal life – all will be doomed.

The only way you can stop the blackmailer from leaking your photos and videos is by having sex with them and satisfying their sexual whims.

Tip: You can use your actual intimate pictures with your partner. This will make things hotter.

5: Doctor and Patient

Have you ever had a crush on your doctor? Then it’s time to make your fantasies real by playing the role of a doctor and patient with your partner!

Let your partner be the sexy doctor, and you be the patient. They can choose to be some specific doctors, such as a proctologist or a gynaecologist. Let them examine all your intimate parts seductively and arouse you. Do all the kinky things that you have ever imagined. When you are ready, you can have passionate sex and cum together.

6: Vampire

Have you ever imagined having sex with a vampire? If you did, then it’s time to make it a reality with this messy role-play with your partner.

With this specific role-play, you can experiment a lot with the costumes and sex positions. And you get to involve in some biting too. If you are into bloodplay, incorporate some pinpricks or fake blood.

Let your inner sex goddess take the front seat!

7: New in Town

They have just moved here as your neighbour. Maybe they have come here for a job, or they are foreign exchange students with a sex appeal that you can’t ignore.

You offer to show them the common errand locations or the hottest spots in the city. After you spend some time with them, sparks fly, and you two can’t stop yourselves from having sex with each other.

If you try this role play, let me tell you, there is a lot of room to be creative!

8: Hostage Situation

Suppose you are being held hostage by someone. What would you do if you wanted to escape?

Anything, right? And what if your kidnapper wants you to have sex with them? You will do that too, right?

Now, do you want to make the whole abduction thing more natural? Then ask your partner to kidnap you from the driveway or the parking lot.

Tip: Just make sure that no one notices the abduction scene. Otherwise, they can call the police!

9: Handyperson

You invite them to your home to fix your computer or do the plumbing work. And when you see them be all masculine with so much knowledge and physical prowess, you get turned on.

You start seducing them and make them have sex with you.

So, which role-play idea are you going to try on your next sexual endeavour? And did I tell you that you can use our Perth escorts and adult services too?

Just be sure to make an appointment with your favourite private girls in Perth!

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