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Strange One

Occasionally Perth Escorts encounter a Strange One, this is one of those times. Names and details have been changed to protect client privacy. We can’t say which girl wrote this. But you can always try and guess for yourself. View them on our website here:

I once saw a guy who liked to massage and serve the lady…… NO SEX!!!!!!!

I encouraged my service on him but he just wouldn’t accept, it was a well-earned lovely hour of touch and massage for me and I got paid for it!

I wondered why he was so generous and accommodating to my needs but wanted nothing in return.

One evening he came back in, but this time he was quite intoxicated. This particular night he took myself and another girl in for a double which surprised me as he had not done that before.

This time the booking was completely different. He wanted to be spanked, burnt with hot wax, dirty talk and being spat on, he even wanted anal with my strap-on which he really seemed to enjoy. It was very obvious this was not his first time at receiving anal.

After the service, which was extremely intense mentally and physically exhausting and painful he threw up, thanked us and left. I have not seen him again since. I’m not sure if he will be back.

I really wondered what could make someone act in such a way? How completely different he seemed.

Was it a violent childhood, sexual abuse, a mental disorder?

Did the alcohol lower his inhabitations? Was this was truly the person inside and the man I had seen before was just a persona he put on to seem ‘normal’. I guess I will never know.

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