What’s the best time to have sex?

What’s the best time to have sex?

This is a question Perth Escorts get asked all the time.

Morning nookie? Afternoon delight? Go for it! While we may be used to having sex in the evening. There is scientifically-backed evidence of the benefits of having sex at different times of the day.

Morning sex
Morning sex may have its challenges. Dragon breathe, possible hangover, the alarm clock ringing in the background. But it’s actually really good for your body and your sex life! Testosterone levels are at its highest in the morning, and you have more energy to go at it. Therefore this will help you last longer in bed, and send you and your lover into your respective workdays riding on the waves of the best endorphin rush in the world. read more… “What’s the best time to have sex?”

Erotic Massage Parlour

I’m an erotic massage parlour addict. I pretty much know the Perth scene back to front. So I thought I’d share some of rambling thoughts and observations

Once you’ve learnt to spot the difference between the dreaded therapeutic massage shop and an erotic massage parlour. read more… “Erotic Massage Parlour”

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